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Car Buyers Melbourne 

Car selling in Melbourne doesn’t have to be a headache. Total Car Removal buys vehicles from owners of every make and condition of a vehicle. We make fair cash offers on vehicles that are used, scrap, accident or junk. With instant cash payments and free car removals, we are your Car Buyers in Melbourne that don’t let you down.

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Car Buyers Melbourne

Selling your car to Total Car Removal isn’t a hassle. While we are a professional car buyer in Melbourne, we are also professional car wreckers, so we accept and buy every make and model of any age and condition. Whether wanting to clean up your yard and get rid of that scrap car collection that you’ve been pulling parts from here and there, or you are ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle, we will make you a cash for cars offer of up to $9999 instant cash.

Selling your vehicle typically means hassles that include paperwork, dealing with buyers and negotiating a fair sales price.  With us, you don’t have those problems as you have a car buyer that provides all the necessary paperwork and makes an instant cash payment.  The only thing you need to worry about is finding your title of ownership or scrap certificate and being at your location when we come to inspect your vehicle.

Cash for Cars Offers

When we make a cash for cars offer, we have every intention of purchasing the vehicle. Our cash for registered cars offers are easy to obtain:

  1. You contact us with the details of your vehicle that include the make and model, age and condition, as well as the odometer reading and its vehicle identification number.

Our car appraisers are experts in estimating the value of all makes and models of vehicles of any age and condition; but, we assure you that our cash offer is only a quote as we will come to your location to ensure that the vehicle is in the condition that you described. We won’t come to your location until you accept our offer.

Our car removal specialists will provide all the necessary paperwork and the instant cash payment at the time of your vehicle removal.

We remove: 

  • Trucks, Cars, Vans, SUVs, Utes, 4x4s, Bikes, Buses, Jeeps, Etc. Of every condition:
  • Used, Scrap, Salvage, Accident, Junk, Fire, Flooded, Wrecked, High Mileage, Low Mileage, Unwanted, Old, Body Damaged, Engine Damaged, Etc.
  • Whatever the condition of the vehicle, you can consider it sold when you give Total Car Removal a call.
  • We also Buy Car Collections and company fleets that can be removed within minutes.


About Our Car Removals 

At the time of your free car removal, our mechanic will quickly inspect the vehicle to confirm that you provided Total Car Removal with an accurate description, and we will then have you sign the paperwork and provide us with the scrap certificate to the vehicle or the title of ownership. The process is one that takes about thirty minutes, and before your vehicle is loaded, we will provide you with our cash offer.

Eco-Friendly Car Disposals

We offer eco-friendly car disposals that are considered the healthiest way to dispose of your vehicle. We avoid empty lots and landfills, recycling your vehicle to get the most value from the parts and metals. With each car recycling Melbourne that we perform, instant cash goes into the hands of the vehicle owner.

Contact Us Today

To obtain a Cash for Cars Melbourne quote, and schedule a free car removal, please contact Total Car Removal at the number below.

Call us at 0422 999 605.


Total Car Removal
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Melbourne, Victoria 3020

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