Can I Wreck My Car Without A Title?

Wreck A Car Without A Title

Planning to wreck a car but need clarification on the Rego? Here is a comprehensive guide on how you can wreck your unwanted vehicle if you don’t have a Rego.

Check Registration

Before you sell a car, it’s best to do a rego check. This service is free of charge through Service NSW. All you need to do is provide your NSW registration number, and you will have access to the following information:

So, if your Rego is expired/cancelled/ suspended, you will have all the clear information when you use Service NSW to check registration. This will be helpful in the long run as cars with 3 months old expired Rego are still eligible for sale.

Register The Car

All the cars to be driven on the NSW roads must be registered. This includes sedans, trailers, caravans, and motorcycles. Whether you want to sell a second-hand car or a brand-new one, you will need to do the following:

–     Renew The Registration

If you have a used vehicle with a cancelled or interstate registration, you would need to re-register the car.

–     Get A New Registration

If your vehicle hasn’t been registered with the Government of NSW yet, then it’s best to get a new car registration before selling it.

–     Let The New Owner Register The Car

Talk with the buyer and decide if they are willing to register the vehicle after the sale. It’s important to know that buying and selling a vehicle without a rego can give rise to a few problems. Such as, moving a vehicle without registration is illegal. The legal and financial consequences can be enormous if you move the car without a valid rego and get into an accident. But if the purpose of selling the vehicle is not to be driven on the road, then you can sell the unregistered vehicle to the wrecker, who can wreck a car and reuse its components.

Who Can Register The Vehicle

Anyone can register the vehicle to their name in NSW. If you don’t have an NSW driver’s license, you need to have a customer number with the NSW government to register the car to your name. To get the customer number, you need to visit NSW Service centers with your proof of identity and this form. Once your name is entered into our system, you can easily register your car.

All The Unregistered Vehicles Needs To Go Through An Inspection

Authorized Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme (AUVIS) inspection, aka blue slip, is required to ensure that the vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. You need to get an AUVIS if your car:

  • Has an expired registration for more than 3 months
  • Has been bought to NSW from another Australian State or Territory
  • Lost number plates
  • A write-off approved for re-registration

Can We Buy And Sell Written-off Vehicles Without Rego

Yes, you can definitely purchase or sell a written-off vehicle without needing a rego. But legally, you can only sell these vehicles for parts and scrap metal.

How To Wreck A Car Without Rego?

Many car buyers are willing to purchase a vehicle without registration papers. Such as:

Sell It To Your Local Auto Wrecker

This option is suitable for all types of written-off and totalled vehicles. Cars no longer eligible for re-registrations and not sellable privately are taken to an auto-wrecking facility. Over there, they wreck a car and use them for parts and scrap steel. One of the most reliable auto wreckers in the area is TotalCarRemoval. TotalCarRemoval is a reliable car buyer who purchases various vehicles regardless of their make, model, or condition and provides free car removal Sydney-wide. Moreover, to sell your car, you must fill out their online quote form, and you will receive an accurate quote within minutes. The best part is to inspect the vehicle; they will come directly to your location and then pay you instant cash for cars in Sydney.

Part Our The Car Your Self

Though it is not easy, you can still take the car apart and sell the parts for more profit. To carry out this method, you would need prior knowledge about cars and their functionality, as in this case, you are taking the position of the wrecker yourself. Or you can also hire a professional mechanic to part out your car and purchase the spares at discounted rates.

Give The Car To Charity

If you have established that your vehicle is still worth something, why not send it to a charity? The charity organization can auction off the car, which can help raise money for their day-to-day expenses, and you can have that old clunker off your property. If you are still looking for an easy way to Sell my car, why not choose TotalCarRemoval? We offer you same-day unwanted car removal and purchase all varieties of vehicles such as cars, vans, busses, trucks, Utes, SUVs, etc. and that too without the Rego. Get in touch today for the best rates to wreck a car in Sydney.

Total Car Removals
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