Car Disposal Notice & Cancelling Registration in Sydney NSW

Signing Car Disposal Notice in Sydney

Disposal includes:

  • You are selling the vehicle.
  • Trading in the car.
  • You are Transferring vehicle ownership to an individual, including a company director or another enterprise or
  • Removal as a whole.
You should immediately notify Transport for New South Wales to cancel the registration in your name if you have sold, plan to sell, or need to dispose of your vehicle. It can be done either online or at a service NSW location centre. The Notice of Disposal (NOD) in Sydney must be sent as soon as feasible when selling or disposing of a vehicle with an NSW registration. In case of an emergency, it is essential. By following the legislation, you can protect yourself from being held accountable if the car you sold is involved in an accident, is used for illicit or criminal conduct, or breaks any road regulations.


Because it is a legal obligation to have a current and valid enrollment for every automobile used on public roads, cancelling a vehicle registration in NSW is necessary. It is required to cancel the registration of a vehicle when the owner no longer wants to keep it or when it is no longer safe to drive and won’t be used again. It releases the owner from responsibility for the vehicle. Additionally, cancelling the registration will make it easier for the government to maintain its current records because it will let them know how many active automobiles are on the road. They may use it to plan for traffic control and road infrastructure. Therefore, by cancelling the registration, you ensure that the vehicle is not used illegally or fraudulently. It serves as evidence that the car was not in use at the time of an accident or violation.


You must complete the Application for Cancellation of the Registration form on the Service NSW website to cancel the car’s registration online. You must include the following:
  • The registration plate number of your automobile.
  • Complete the name and contact information of the person selling or disposing of the vehicle.
  • The deadline by which the registration should be cancelled.
Also, you will need to pay the applicable cancellation charge online. You will receive a Certificate of Cancellation after the registration has been cancelled, which you must save for your records. To dispose of the vehicle, you can take it to a licensed scrap metal dealer or an authorized car wrecker. You can also advertise it for sale in newspapers or online. Remember, if you are disposing of a vehicle registered in NSW. You must comply with the relevant legislation, including the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Motor Vehicle Dismantler and Recycler Regulation. This procedure includes providing necessary paperwork such as the Certificate of Cancellation, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and a valid Certificate of Inspection. You may also be liable for any outstanding fines, tolls, or fees associated with the vehicle.

To cancel the registration of a car in NSW, follow these steps:

  1. Notify the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) of your intention to cancel the registration. This process can be done online through the RMS website or in person at a service centre.
  2.  Provide proof of ownership, such as the registration certificate or pink slip, and identification, such as your driver’s license or passport.
  3. Remove the license plates from the vehicle and return them to the RMS or destroy them so that the leaves can’t be used again can’t use them again.
  4.  Pay any outstanding fines or fees associated with the vehicle.
  5. Once the RMS has processed your request, you will receive a written confirmation that the registration has been cancelled.


As a legal requirement in Sydney, you must register your vehicle in NSW before driving it on the roads. If your automobile is not registered, you cannot cancel the registration and you may be held responsible for any accidents. Additionally, you have to renew the rego NSW registration within three months before it expires to avoid any future complications. Regardless of the circumstance, you must revoke your registration. And report your vehicle to the appropriate N government agency if you have sold your automobile to someone else or stolen it. It shields you from liability for any parking infractions or other traffic violations committed by the new owner. Suppose the car is being used for illegal activity or has been misused. In that case, you can save time and money by not having to visit courts, police stations, or transportation authorities to explain that you are no longer the car owner. We at Total Car Removal in Sydney help you in the best possible way to deal with all types of car disposal, be it selling a car for cash or ultimately disposing of your vehicle. We are the best in car removal services, buy cars for money, and sell cars in Sydney. No matter the model, make, type of vehicle or car’s age; we help you from cancelling the registration to removing the vehicle from your doorstep. We know your time is precious and you should not waste it on lengthy procedures and hassles. Also remember, we don’t charge a fee for your unwanted car removal.

Important note:

Please note that it is illegal to abandon a vehicle on a public road or in a public place. If you do so, you may face fines or have your car impounded.  
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