Information that is collected by TotalCarRemoval

When you visit our site or signup for newsletters etc., the information given is all saved by us. All the information you provide us will be kept for future reference. The information can vary from the name, address, type of vehicle, phone number, email address, records of any previous dealing etc.

What do we do with the data that we have collected?

This data collection serves multiple purposes.

  • Personalized experience

Data collected helps us better understand the customer’s needs and offer them a personalized experience from our website. This makes sure that the service we provide is exactly what the customer wants.

  • Improves the website

Feedback from the customers helps us to improve our service as well as improve the means for providing the service. Any feedback from customers helps us fix any bugs or any feature on our website that might not work properly.

  • Improved service

By gathering such information, we can offer our customers quick solutions for their problems and fulfil their needs.

Is the data we collect protected?

Safety precautions are taken to ensure the data we collect remains secure in our server and does not fall into the hands of people with malicious intent. All the precautions and measures deemed necessary by the Australian govt. are placed to ensure the safety of the data.

Does our website use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies. Cookies are small data files transferred from our site to our servers. These files help us to complete customers’ data and alter the web browser to the specific need of the customers.

This helps us to provide our customers with a personalized experience when using our website; it also assists in the car-selling process, making it a quick and efficient process.

TotalCarRemoval often uses other third-party websites that use this information to help improve the website. These sites are also prohibited from utilizing the data for purposes other than the stated one.

Note: you have complete control over the types of cookies that are saved and can change the setting or turn off this feature altogether. But remember that turning cookies off can prevent the website from functioning properly.

Is the data safe from outsiders?

We at TotalCarRemoval do not buy, sell or transfer any personally identifiable information to any company or business without the customer’s consent. However, this does not apply to any third-party website we might use.

In such cases, we only release the information that we deem to be

  • In accordance with the law
  • Helps us enforce our policies
  • Protects us from any misuse of data

Some non-identifiable data may be used in marketing and advertising.

Do we use any third-party links?

Sometimes we might use third-party links to some products and services, but remember that these third-party websites do not follow our privacy policy and are not controlled by it.

This is why we take no responsibility for these services and products, but we try to ensure they are safe and take feedback.

COPPA compliance policy

All the products and services on our site are directed to be used by people above the age of 13, and we do not collect information on people below this age.


By using our site and its features, you consent to our privacy policy.

Contact us.

Any questions and queries regarding our services and policies can be sent to us via email or by contacting us by phone, and we will be sure to respond. 

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